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Addressing the skills gap in the aviation industry

The pandemic and the associated fallout from numerous redundancies and furloughs has left the aviation industry struggling to find skilled and qualified personnel to support the ever-increasing demand for flights. Here, Jim Scott from component supply specialists Artemis Aerospace, provides his views on how the industry can build momentum in highlighting careers in the sector and tackling the growing gap in relevant skillsets

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Five events that changed the aviation industry forever

The long and illustrious history of the aviation industry has been fraught with many trials and tribulations over the years that have tested businesses to their limits and served as a catalyst for change. Here, component supply specialist Artemis Aerospace looks at the events that had a significant impact on the sector and how they have changed aviation forever.

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Orange is the new black: the history of the ‘black box’

From its invention and throughout its evolution, the ‘black box’ has been crucial for maintaining and improving commercial aircraft safety since the 1950s. Here, Artemis Aerospace explores this essential piece of equipment and how it has developed into the modern technology used by the industry today

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