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From the outset, Artemis has supported the flight simulation and training market. Our extensive knowledge and experience sets us apart, and we’re proud to support all the global market leaders in this sector.

With aircraft training devices running for up to 22 hours a day, 7 days a week, we know that when defects arise it can be disastrous – seriously disrupting training schedules and resulting in extensive revenue loss.

At Artemis, we have implemented a number of strategies to keep simulator downtime, and the consequences to your business, to an absolute minimum.

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Why choose Artemis?

24/7 Support 

Our team operates twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. This means that as soon as you encounter a problem, we will start working to find a solution.

Peace of mind

When it comes to flight simulation, our team have seen every problem, and found every solution. The benefit of our experience helps to reduce repair incidences – and when defects occur, our customers know that we will find reliable, quality solutions that minimise disruption to their training schedules.

Communication every
step of the way

We use our global network of quality-assured OEM and aftermarket suppliers to source fast and cost-effective flight simulator component solutions. The Artemis team will communicate with you at every step, keeping you informed so that you can predict and manage the repercussions to your business, and keep your customers in the loop.

Extensive Experience

We are trusted by all the global market leaders in flight training and simulation to provide reliable and effective component solutions for their simulators.

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Flight Simulator Manufacturing Support

In the highly competitive world of simulator manufacturing, the constant pressure to reduce costs has driven us to successfully develop cost-effective solutions for the build of training devices for a vast range of aircraft and helicopter products.

The combination of selected solutions from OEMs and the aftermarket, aligned with our own in-house refurbishment services (for flight simulator cockpit controls, panels, linings, furnishings, and crew seats), means we offer quality solutions at a fraction of the cost to buy new.

Flight simulator

Our Capabilities

We support all commercial, regional and executive aircraft types, including Airbus,
Boeing, ATR, Bombardier, Cessna, and Embraer.

Aircraft Types

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Helicopter Types

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